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A gift card for all occasions

Choose between a digital card send via email or classical gift card send via post
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How it works - 4 easy steps to the perfect gift
Step 1- Online or physical card

How do I get the card? Choose between a digital gift card (delivery via email) for instant gifting occasions or get your card by post and send it either to you or directly to your loved ones.

Step 2 - Choose your design

We offer four different gift card styles based on current trend colors. Explore them all and pick your favorite.

Step 3 - Select the amount

Be free to select your gifting amount. With available values of 10 to 250 $ the recipient is free to buy everything in stock in our shop.

Step 4 - Payment

Buy a Swarovski gift card only or combine it with other products from our shop. No matter how you choose, our convenient checkout offers a variety of payment methods and lets you quickly finalize your purchase.

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