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Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information


Notice of Right to Opt Out of Sale/Sharing


In accordance with applicable U.S. privacy law, and depending on the jurisdiction in which you reside, you may be able to exercise certain data rights regarding your personal information. Some states provide residents (or, in some cases, their authorized agents) with the right to opt out of “targeted advertising,” “selling,” or “sharing” of personal information. Please visit our Privacy Policy for more information about your rights and our privacy practices.

We may use personal information to support “targeted advertising/cross-context behavioral advertising,” “selling,” or “sharing,” as defined by applicable privacy laws, which may result in third parties receiving your personal information. While Swarovski does not sell your personal information for monetary consideration, we do share your information for other purposes that could be deemed a "sale" as defined by certain laws.
To submit a request to opt out of the sale or sharing of your personal information or of targeted advertising (including, cross-context behavioral advertising) you may provide the information in our Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information Request Form by clicking the link below, which may enable us to take action on your opt-out request. To submit a request by telephone you may call +1 800-426-3088. You may also submit a request at

Cookies-Based Opt-Out: We utilize third party services to engage in online targeted advertising and analytics, and these businesses may collect your personal information directly from your device when you visit our websites or mobile applications. To exercise your right to opt-out as it relates to the use of cookies and other tracking technologies for analytics and targeted ads, please click the “About Cookies On Our Website” banner located at the bottom of the homepage or the “Cookie Consent” link located at the bottom of the You may also change your Privacy Settings in your browser and mobile app. Please note this opt out is browser and device specific. You must reset your preferences if you clear cookies or use a different browser or device. If you opt out, you may continue to see advertising, including ads that may be based on personal information processed before you opted out. 

You may also choose to enable online, where available, a universal tool that automatically communicates your opt-out preferences, such as the Global Privacy Control (“GPC”). We will process the GPC signal as a request to opt out.

Take me to the Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information Request Form