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Behind the scenes of our online event
Elegance of Africa

Have you always wanted to know how annual editions are created? Or how to present them in the best light? These are some of the topics we covered in the latest livestream event for our Crystal Society members.

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Swarovski Crystal Society
The Swarovski Crystal Society membership program serves the needs of Swarovski crystal enthusiasts, connoisseurs and collectors of crystal sculptures, miniatures, functional home accessories, extraordinary jewelry pieces, watches and accessories. It offers an intimate experience of our spellbinding Swarovski world via its unique benefits.
Discover the SCS exclusive annual collection of products and gifts, which only members can buy or receive, browse the preferential information via the member magazine and the SCS member pages online, and experience our events and services. 
Every service and benefit of our Crystal Society serves to intensify your enjoyment of the uniquely uplifting materials and designs that have the power to transform light.
Attending SCS events and meeting a crystal designer or participating in virtual SCS events means contact and connection with like-minded crystal lovers.
Entering our competitions is fun and lets you be creative.
Visiting the Swarovski Kristallwelten and being pampered in the VIP lounge can be a once-in-a-lifetime journey or a regular annual treat.
Reading exclusive content on the SCS pages on or within the Swarovski Magazine enriches your experience with our heritage, mastery, craftsmanship and culture.
We involve you in the impact of our Swarovski Waterschool program to which SCS members automatically contribute, and to understand how Swarovski cares about sustainability.
Watch your interest become a passion and be part of a splendid community!
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