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Mother’s Day Gifts Infused with Wonder

Mother’s Day Necklaces


Discover our spellbinding collection of necklaces and pendants. From all-around chokers with precision-cut crystals to delicate floral designs, find a piece to suit her style and reflect her personality.

Mother’s Day Bracelets


From bold pieces that command attention to timeless styles that shimmer in the spotlight, we have the perfect jewelry gifts for extraordinary mothers who deserves their time to shine.

Mother’s Day Earrings


Why not treat the most important woman in your life to artful earwear? Pair geometric studs with exaggerated hoops, or refined drop earrings with standout ear cuffs. We have distinctive pieces that she’ll adore.

Gifts for Wives

Express your boundless gratitude this Mother’s Day

First Mother’s Day Gifts

Make it memorable with radiant jewels

Gifts for Grandma

Timeless wonders for every generation
Spectacular Pieces Made for All Mothers

Cute Mother’s Day Gifts


Trust our Idyllia family to ignite her imagination and creativity.

Fun Mother’s Day Gifts


Embrace abundant beauty and color with our stunning Hyperbola family

Special Mother’s Day Gifts


Capture her power and wonder with our dynamic Gema pieces.

Elegant Mother’s Day Gifts

Complement her classic style with our sophisticated Matrix designs.

Playful Mother’s Day Gifts

Choose our colorful Millenia styles to enhance her individuality.

World of Swarovski

Illuminating the many facets of Swarovski from heritage to lifestyle and beyond.

Ocean-Inspired Jewelry


Our new jewelry families are beautiful works of artistry that feature Swarovski Crystal Pearls, and a palette of blue and green Swarovski Crystals. 

A Guide to Watch Styles


The perfect blend of fashion and function, watches have the power to elevate any look. 

Disney’s Alice in Wonderland and friends

This collection celebrates the irresistible spirit of Disney’s iconic characters, reimagining Alice in Wonderland and her friends with impeccable crystal savoir-faire.