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How to Style Colorful Jewelry

Ready to see the world in technicolor? From mesmerizing monochrome to kaleidoscopic rainbow hues, this is your definitive jewelry style guide to wearing bold, bright, and beautiful crystals that will not only transform your wardrobe, but your mood, too. Welcome to our color wonderland.

How to Style: Pink Jewelry

From delicate rose to striking fuchsia, mood-boosting pink jewelry pairs with the whole spectrum of positivity. Keep it monochrome with layering necklaces for a delectable, candy-inspired dream or clash with other glow-giving hues like yellow and orange. Anything goes at this pink party.

Anything goes at this pink party. Don’t be afraid to push boundaries and set a new tone.

How to Style: Yellow Jewelry

Bring positive vibes to life with stacks of yellow jewelry. Try playing with proportions and a mix of crystal cuts to add intrigue, while embracing the absolute joy that comes with it. From showstopping choker to luminous crystal rings, wear each piece as a personal ray of sunshine.

Permission to feel good in yellow jewels that light up the room. Time to find your happy.

How to Style: Green Jewelry

Craft your personal style story with energizing emerald hues inspired by nature. Add edge with geometric crystal cuts and gold tone bangles for an ultra-chic look that exudes natural beauty. green jewelry is a reflection of inner strength, wear it and feel the power within.

Be ready for anything in vibrant green jewels. You have the power.

How to Style: Blue Jewelry

Dive deep and awaken new energy with oceanic shades that catch the light at all angles. From bright cobalt to calming turquoise, work blue jewelry by layering necklaces and stacking bracelets tone-on-tone, or mix and match asymmetrical earrings across the entire spectrum. When you’ve quenched your color craving, you know you’ve arrived.

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