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Our Ingredient Branding Program enables our clients to enter the world of Swarovski – a world of wonder with our wide assortment of shapes, extensive range of sizes, and mesmerizing colors of crystals. We are proud to offer creative talents the ability to reshape reality using flawless, precision-engineered stones, alongside advanced applications, and techniques, as well as supporting our Ingredient Branding partners with unrivalled craftspeople and experts. Our key message: “Crystals by Swarovski – consciously crafted” places the focus firmly on our core product – our unparalleled, high-quality crystals – while embracing our proud tradition and heritage. For us, “consciously crafted” delivers a dual message, highlighting not only the intent, care and longstanding craftsmanship taken in creating our mesmerizing crystals, but also in the production processes and the materials that pay attention to sustainability and environmentally minded process and methods.

Please note that the old "Crystals from Swarovski" Seal, though still valid, should not be used anymore for upcoming projects. Swarovski ensures a transition period during which the seal is still valid and can be used.
Within the next six months the "Crystals from Swarovski" Seal should be removed and replaced with the new "Crystals by Swarovski - consciously crafted" Seal online and within 12 months offline.

Quality & Safety


We are the masters of engineered precision and craftsmanship, characterized by our unrivalled assortment and exceptional products.
We have delivered unparalleled brilliance for over 125 years in flawlessly innovative products that continue to shine bright, and enrich the world of design.

For us, quality is not just a word – it is a fact.



We commit to constantly improving the sustainability level of our products, including responsibly sourced and recycled raw materials. As a partner of choice, Swarovski not only fulfills the highest standards along a clean supply chain, but also assists in anticipating market regulations. We aim to be recognized as a brand built on a foundation of equality and inclusivity. We champion diversity and celebrate people’s individuality.



We are future-focused, remaining ahead of the curve to exceed expectations and deliver unparalleled innovations.
We celebrate individuality – exploring, experiencing, and creating through constant innovation to cover a vast array of segments.
Our valued partners benefit from our heritage and long-standing history of crafting the new, to bring to life products imbued with rich storytelling and outstanding design.

Compliance & Safety initiatives

Advanced Crystals

Setting new standards, our innovative lead-free crystal formula (90ppm or less) allows our clients to achieve full compliance with current international laws, and regulations governing restricted substances in finished products for numerous segments.

Cadmium-free* Crystals**

In compliance with all CLEAR lists and environmental principles, the majority of crystals throughout our loose assortment are crafted without the addition of cadmium, enabling designers to make a more responsible choice. Our Certificate of Compliance affords a guarantee of quality and precision.

* 40ppm or less
** Except the following colors: Siam, Light Siam, Citrine, Hyacinth, Yellow Opal, Fireopal

Clear Programm

Our Restricted Substance program, CLEAR, mandates us to systematically manage, restrict, and eliminate harmful chemicals from our products and supply chain. It’s a mandatory standard for all product development and obligatory for our global manufacturing network. REACH, the EU’s chemical compliance initiative is fully integrated into CLEAR.

Initiatives with sustainability in mind

Reignited Crystals

We endeavour to create our products minimizing excess; however, we sometimes end up with more crystals than we need. These crystals are a precious resource that we don’t want to go to waste. We are committed to reigniting these crystals in various formats, without compromising on quality. Our reignited crystals program gives these precious crystals another chance to be adored.

Recycled Metals

Recycled metals are derived from used metals which are reprocessed to create a new material, without compromising on quality. With major environmental advantages – reutilizing precious resources instead of using raw materials and creating lower Co2 emissions (less energy required to remelt metals than mine) – we aim to source all of our metals from responsibly managed and recycled sources by 2030.

Fishnet Bandings

This brilliant, versatile product is made from 100% GRS certified recycled plastic. Lightweight, resistant, elastic, and exceptionally sparkling, with up to 30 color customization possibilities for the casing and the thread, plus a range of colors, our exquisitely innovative Fishnet banding is the epitome of contemporary luxury style.

Crystal Pearls

Our cutting-edge technology allows to increase the efficiency in production by transforming waste-beads into the core of our Swarovski Crystal Pearls. This reduces the amount of new beads we need to manufacture. By reusing our bead-waste, we limit our environmental impact. Swarovski Crystal Pearls remain highly durable, respect all applicable industry expectations and laws, and are a beautiful alternative to freshwater pearls (particularly suitable for vegans).


Our founder, Daniel Swarovski, established principles of fairness for communities and the environment that still guide our business today. We understand that Swarovski’s ongoing success depends on our continued respect for Daniel’s principles.​ They help us consider our responsibilities in terms of generations, not just quarters, and they provide a platform towards our goal of sustainable leadership.​
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