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When it comes to necklaces, more is more. From layers of sparkling chains to geometric pendants paired with dainty chokers, wearing multiple necklaces has become an art that many of the fashion set have quickly mastered.

Want to make this trend part of your look? Layering perfection lies in the symmetry and proportion of the styles you select. The trick is to start with delicate designs with shimmering details or perhaps a choker and then build from there. Read on for our go-to-guide to perfecting this trend:

•Everyday elegance
One of the simplest but most stylish ways to layer necklaces with ease is to play with contrasting styles. Try mixing subtle designs with more daring or geometric shapes or choose necklaces with different weights and textures.

•Triple layered sparkle
The rule of three will deliver a polished and eye-catching finish. Pair a choker such as the Tennis Deluxe choker with two pendants for the perfect contrast to your layers. Wear the chains at different lengths so that each necklace has its moment to shine.

•On-trend combinations
For a fashion-forward aesthetic, go for a more graduated look by styling a shorter necklace with an extra-long pendant such as the Tropical Leaf one. Alternatively, opt for an all-in-one necklace such as the So Cool necklace that takes the work out of layering individual chains.

You’ll soon discover that the best things about the necklace layering trend are the versatility and the personal touch it brings to your look. Feeling inspired? Explore our selection of necklaces and pendants and express your style.

Whether you are accessorizing a t-shirt or plunging neckline, wear your necklaces long, short and every length in between. After all, it’s the mix that makes your look unique. Spark your inspiration with these brilliant layered looks.