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Jewelry is one of the best ways to play with self-expression. More so than clothing, it tells a story about who we are and has the power to make us feel beautiful, brilliant and more confident.

It’s not about the jewelry you own but how you combine and wear your collection. Read on for our tips on how to create a brilliant total jewelry look that punctuates your style and expresses your personality and mood.

• Start with the everyday watch and bracelet stack

If there’s one way to make sure all of your bracelets and watches are seen; it’s by wearing them together. When it comes to curating a well-executed watch and bracelets stack it’s essential to match the colors of your timepiece with your bracelets.

• Then, add rings into the mix to dial up the glamour

Use rings to make an even bigger statement. Layer a few on the same finger, have one for each finger or opt for just one bold cocktail ring like the Swarovski Nirvana ring to create a look that best suits your style and mood.

• Let your neckline shine

One necklace is never enough. Layer up your look with multiple sparkling pendants or add a statement design with the last being the longest — the final effect will be polished, chic and will add that special touch to your total look.

• Lift your total look with sparkling earrings

Whether you prefer simple studs or chandelier-style designs, earrings can have a big impact on your outfit. Up the glam factor and go for styles that complement the other jewelry you are wearing. If you’re feeling more daring, experiment with different and even mismatched combinations and let your signature style shine.

Jewelry can lift moods and looks in an instant. Feeling inspired? Explore our new sparkling collections and get ready to make an ordinary outfit extraordinary.

Gone are the rules and reasons of the past. What counts is how your jewelry makes you feel. Mix, match, layer and stack to take an ordinary outfit and elevate it to the extraordinary. Spark your imagination with these sparkling looks.