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Earrings may come in pairs, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear them that way. The mismatched earrings trend is bold, playful, and can be seen on runways, models and celebrities the world over. There's a wide range of styles to try, from hoops to studs, and it is also brilliantly versatile, especially if you have multiple piercings.

Wondering how to pull off the trend without looking like you mistakenly put on two wrong earrings? All you need is a little confidence, a variety of styles and our go-to guide:  

•Everyday elegance with simple hoop earrings
If you’re going for a daytime look; one of the best versions of the trend centers around the hoop on one ear with studs that stay low profile on the other such as Swarovski Symbolic star hoop earrings and the Attract pear stud earrings. If you want to dial up the glamour, wear lots of hoops, but make sure they are all different sizes.

•Mix and match earring sizes
Wear two mismatched studs or different colored earrings as a subtle nod to the trend. Then progress to the ear party level by mixing and creating your own asymmetrical sets. Pair a sparkling stud or hoop with a long earring like the So Cool earrings that will bring your look up-to-the-moment with minimal effort and maximum impact.

•Stack up different earring styles
This is the perfect trend to try for a glamorous night out. Experiment with mismatched combinations such as the Attract pierced earrings; just make sure that whichever styles you choose complement each other and have at least one common element. That way, it looks like you intentionally coordinated the earrings.

•Opt for brilliantly timeless designs
An effortless accessory and an essential finishing touch, classic earrings can ensure that you’re always in style. Studs, hoops and teardrops convey a timeless elegance and show that even the smallest hint of sparkle can make a big impact.

Now you’re ready to step up your earring game. There are no hard rules, mix the old with the new, the long with the short and play with different colors, shapes and textures. Feeling inspired? Explore our selection of earrings and express your style.

Whether you have single or multiple piercings, get ready to let your ears do the talking. Shimmering hoops and studs exude timeless style, while longer earrings with high shine appeal lend a daring edge. Spark your inspiration with these brilliant looks.