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Celebrating 35 years of the Swarovski Crystal Society


in six iconic memories

The Swarovski Crystal Society (SCS) is turning 35! To celebrate this magical milestone, we’re counting down six of our most iconic memories with you. From the most noteworthy Annual Editions, to the biggest moments of the last 35 years. As for the future, read on to discover some exciting announcements for our members.

Number Six:. Where Community Meets Crystal
The first memory in our anniversary countdown is the founding of the Swarovski Crystal Society, originally named the Swarovski Collectors Society, back in 1987.

In the same year, The Lovebirds from the dazzling Caring and Sharing Trilogy became the first Annual Edition exclusively created for SCS members, signaling the beginning of true crystal sculpture. And, along with the launch of the members' magazine, The Swarovski COLLECTOR, the Swarovski Crystal Society was born. 

 Number Five: Welcome to the Menagerie  
Before the SCS was founded, the Original Mouse, released in 1976, marked the beginning of our dynasty of animal
 figurines. From the craftsmanship of The Elephant (1993), the first piece to stand its own legs without a base, to mastery of The Eagle (1995), the first “Numbered Limited Edition”, we sought out to capture nature’s beauty in crystal – a legacy we continue until the present day.  

Number Four: A World of Crystal
Our countdown of the most iconic SCS memories would not be complete without the grand opening of the Swarovski Kristallwelten in Wattens. This wonder emporium of crystals first opened its doors in 1995, marking the 100th anniversary year of Swarovski. A year later, a brand new SCS VIP lounge opened on the site to welcome and inspire crystal fans from every corner of the world. Our SCS members continue to get one free admission per year. 

Number Three: SCS Members Make a Difference 
A highlight of the past 35 years is our work with the Swarovski Waterschool, which aims to enable communities to gain access to safe water and sanitation, and to educate children on sustainable water management. 

Since 2008 our members have contributed €4 million to the initiative through contributions from SCS products, memberships, donations, and the auctioning of SCS Charity Editions. The Panda created that same year in a patented technique called Pointiage™ was the first of these Charity Editions and is a very rare masterpiece. 

Number Two: Collabs and Crystals 
As a powerhouse of style and design, in 2018 we partnered with the innovative Yoshii Hiroschi on the first SCS exclusive products to be created by an external designer. The first figures launched were the initial three members of the playful Penguin Family. 

Number One: Celebrating more milestones 
Drum roll, please...Our favorite memory has to be all the wonderful anniversaries we’ve celebrated over the years. Our first big anniversary was in 1992, the very first year we launched the SCS Jubilee Edition, The Birthday Cake - a tradition that continues every five years to this day. 

Fast-forward to 2020, we marked 125 years of Swarovski with the re-launch of the SCS exclusive jewelry as well as a stunning crystal Anniversary Edition that paid tribute to the first Swarovski logo – the legendary Edelweiss. Which brings us to… 


A celebration and new beginnings

To celebrate our 35th SCS birthday with our members, commemorate the wonderful time we’ve spent together, and continue our journey, we’ve organised a few new perks and surprises for you.

Firstly, we are extending our exclusive and annually limited SCS theme collections, which will become cross-category to include a regular jewelry item. Other product categories will also feature on occasion in the years to come. And our annual crystal membership gift will now fulfill your décor and jewelry dreams.

We’re also rolling out celebratory offers and rewards for members, as well as a special SCS Anniversary Gift Card, plus a reimagined bi-annual magazine with lifestyle inspiration and SCS annual catalogue, that will broaden your imagination – and horizons. 

But the party favors won’t stop there; our free repair service will be extended to new locations with more exclusive online and offline events to bring this unique community of crystal lovers together. 

Are you ready for our next chapter?