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Lion King Figurines & Decorations

Inspired by Disney's The Lion King, Swarovski's impeccably crafted home décor is radiant with joy. Every piece captures the spirit of the movie's beloved characters, from Simba's ceaseless curiosity to Pumbaa's charming cheekiness. Explore the complete collection and embark on an adventure through the majestic Pride Lands.

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The Lion King inspired décor

Introducing Disney x Swarovski The Lion King figurines, bringing to life the magic of the Pride Lands. Gleaming with imperial wonder, Mufasa is joined by Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa in a collection that invites you to celebrate the Circle of Life. Delight in the shimmering details and sun-kissed colors of our characterful figurines – perfect for gifting or enriching your own home décor collection.

Simba figurine

Bring home Simba, Disney’s brave lion cub. Encapsulating his curiosity, courage, and playfulness, this spectacular golden effect figurine is a must-have treasure.

Mufasa figurine

Embrace the wisdom and strength of Mufasa with this captivating ornament. A symbol of guidance and nobility, Swarovski’s crystalline piece is a timeless tribute to the King of the Pride Lands.

Timon figurine

Add a touch of charm to your home décor with our Timon figurine. Capturing his humor and loyalty, this flawless ornament will make a delightful addition to any space.

Pumbaa figurine

Choose our lovable Pumbaa figurine, imbued with light-reflecting joy. With his big heart and jovial nature, Pumbaa pays homage to unwavering friendships and bold adventures.

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