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March Birthstones

Our March birthstone jewellery takes inspiration from the traditional gemstone, thought to capture serenity and happiness. Each birthstone across our selection of earrings and necklaces inspires self-expression with crystals in a spectacular shade of aquamarine.

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What is March’s birthstone?

Birthstones have been used as a form of self-expression since the 15th century, and each has unique traditions and beliefs associated with it. An enchanting shade of aquamarine distinguishes March’s birthstone. This subtle blue hue is reminiscent of ocean waves, so it’s no wonder the March birthstone was said to bring a sense of calm to those wearing it. In our selection of March birthstone jewellery, brilliant crystals combine with rhodium-plated settings to create pieces that inspire individuality.

Is the Pisces birthstone colour the same as March’s birthstone?

If you’re a March-born Pisces man or woman, opt for the aquamarine shade of the March birthstone. However, if you’re a Pisces man or woman with a February birthday, consider the violet-hued February Birthstone. For a truly eye-catching combination, pair March’s subtle blue with February’s deep lilac.

Enter the serene world of March birthstone jewellery

Discover an array of statement jewellery inspired by the March birthstone. Its aquamarine shade is not only beautiful but evokes a sense of calm. If you’re looking to treat someone else, browse sea-blue crystals, set within simple stud earrings, and perfect for March-born Pisces friends and family members. Why not complete a birthday gift with a matching necklace? March’s aquamarine crystals are suspended from shimmering chains, creating a symbol of timeless elegance.