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February Birthstones

Traditionally, the February birthstone was said to protect those with February birthdays and the Aquarius zodiac sign from negative energy. Discover deep violet crystals in this jewellery collection, a perfect symbolic gift or an ode to your individuality.

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What is the birthstone for February?

The belief that birthstones reflect the values and qualities of their wearers has existed for thousands of years. The mysterious violet colour and significance of the February birthstone have a similarly rich heritage, once believed to create a state of tranquillity while instilling those wearing it with courage. Our selection of February birthstones features precision-cut crystals in a vivid purple hue.

What is the Aquarius birthstone colour?

Zodiac signs each have their own birthstones, much like each calendar month has a birthstone. The shade of stone all depends on the date of someone’s birthday. Aquarius men and women born in January often choose the traditional January Birthstone, known for its striking red hue. However, February-born Aquarius individuals will want to select the mesmerising lilac shade of February birthstones to enhance their innate traits.

Discover our captivating February birthstone jewellery

Explore stunning jewellery dedicated to your birth month. Each piece captures the beauty of self-expression and has been delicately crafted with precision-cut crystals. Striking yet versatile designs mean you can easily style our February birthstones with your favourite outfits to create a show-stopping look. If you’re looking for a special gift for an Aquarius friend or family member, consider rhodium-plated pendants that house February’s birthstone. If your loved ones with February birthdays appreciate classic jewellery, explore sophisticated stud earrings enhanced with square cut crystals.