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Express yourself with crystal-charged wonder in the latest jewellery styles and trends. From mismatched earrings and stacking bracelets to layering necklaces and multiple rings across every finger, we can help you curate a look that’s as extraordinary as you are. Ready to shine? Start with our styling tips.

Listen to this

Listen to this

Let’s talk about statement earrings. From lobe to helix, there’s a whole world of opportunity to stack or mix and match to your heart’s (or ear’s) content. If in doubt, more-is-more combinations are always a good idea. Try clashing a dazzling chandelier design with bold and bright crystal studs in tonal hues, while tucking your hair back to really show them off. For a more subtle approach, opt for hoop earrings or a single cuff in an eye-catching shade that complements your outfit – you can always add intrigue with mismatched earrings if the mood takes you.


The long and short of it

How to shine with radiant wonder? You’re looking at it. The secret here is linking and layering necklaces to create an ensemble that’s entirely your own. Try shorter, finer styles combined with longer pendant necklaces for maximum impact, or curate your look around a colour theme with different crystal cuts. Be playful, have fun, and wear your story with confidence. Then wait for the compliments to roll in. 


Stack and go

Here’s a trend to get wrapped up in. From chain bracelets to bangles and crystallized cuffs, stacking bracelets are a style mainstay. Going for bold? Mix and match geometric shapes in vibrant hues and pile on the styles as far as you’re willing to go. Or, if you’re feeling refined, choose a singular piece styled elegantly over the sleeve of a classic white shirt or rollneck. Why not get creative with mixed metals for tone-on-tone shine? Ready, set, play. 


Put a ring on it

Whether one or stacks of many, crystal rings captivate in an instant. And the proof is in the picture. Try combining multiple rings across every finger, switching between kaleidoscopic cocktail rings and clear band rings that catch the light at all angles. For showstopping style, select one statement piece or keep it chic with a monochromatic combination. There is no right or wrong, only infinite ways to get your glow on. 

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