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What to Consider When Buying Lab Grown Diamonds

Look for the qualities sought after in any other kind of diamond when you are buying lab grown diamonds. The lab grown diamonds in the Galaxy and Eternity Collections are graded and certified by IGI (International Gemological Institute) according to the 4Cs of diamond quality, whether bought in a select store or online. The high quality diamonds are tailored to every price point, and their exquisite beauty ensures they will be treasured forever. Wherever you buy lab made diamonds from, ensure they offer the following principles and benefits.
three different styles of lab grown diamond necklaces from the Swarovski range

Tailored Price Points


Democratizing Diamonds

The price of a laboratory grown diamond and mined diamond is determined by the quality, size and weight of the stone. Laboratory grown diamonds currently trade at significantly lower prices than comparable mined diamonds due to their formation process.
Model wears lab grown diamond rings and earrings by Swarovski

Environmental Benefits


A Conscious Choice

All laboratory grown diamonds in the Galaxy and Eternity collections are produced in adherence with high environmental, safety and labour standards, and therefore they can represent an ethical choice. Furthermore, the collections are created with 100% renewable energy.
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Proof of Origin


Exquisite Radiance

As proof of origin, every laboratory grown diamond that is 0.25ct or larger carries a laser engraving. This is visible only under strong magnification identifying it as an ​authentic Swarovski jewel of exquisite beauty.​
IGI certification for laboratory grown diamonds

International Certification


Elegance Assured

The lab grown diamonds adorning the Galaxy and Eternity collections are analyzed by IGI, the International Gemological Institute, to confirm the quality of each stone according to the 4Cs of diamond assessment: cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. The laboratory grown diamonds in these collections are of very fine quality: G+ in colour and VS+ in clarity.

A mindful CHOICE

Diamonds Reinvented

Prioritizing our planet and its inhabitants at every stage of their creation, laboratory grown diamonds can reflect a conscious choice. All laboratory grown diamonds in the Galaxy and Eternity collections are produced in adherence with high-level environmental, safety and labour standards. It is the first Swarovski Created Diamonds collection made using renewable energy in the entire process of growing, cutting, and polishing laboratory grown diamonds, as well as the production of the jewellery pieces.

Certified Excellence


 A discreet seal is laser engraved on every laboratory grown diamond embellished in Swarovski Created Diamonds jewellery weighing 0.25 carats or more, which serves as proof of origin identifying the diamond as an authentic Swarovski creation and a laboratory grown diamond of impeccable quality. This seal is only visible under powerful magnification.

Read more about warranty and product care in the customer care section.


Each piece of fine jewellery in the Swarovski Created Diamonds Collection is perfectly packaged in an iconic presentation box to ensure maximum longevity and shine. Each octagonal piece is finished in an iced marshmallow shade of white, reflecting the bright intensity of the diamonds it holds.

Where to buy

Own the Wonder

Discover the intense luminosity of Swarovski Created Diamonds jewellery collection for yourself or the ones you love at select Swarovski stores and online at Each piece of fine jewellery incorporates laboratory grown diamonds in a beautiful expression of Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert’s vision, fusing innovative formations in playful modern styles to create truly forever jewellery.
Discover more about laboratory Grown Diamonds
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All About Swarovski Created Diamonds


Swarovski Created Diamonds


Discover the world of Swarovski Created Diamonds, redefining the future of diamonds with exceptional collections that unite tradition and trends. From the otherworldly brilliance of our Interstellar Collection to the pure elegance of our signature pieces, find a style to last a lifetime.

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What are Swarovski Created Diamonds?


Laboratory Grown Diamonds


A natural progression of our brand DNA, Swarovski Created Diamonds are laboratory grown diamonds, masterfully cut, intensely bright, and identical to their mined counterparts in every way but origin. Formed layer by layer​ from a carbon seed, they serve as a flawless reflection of nature’s radiance.

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The 4Cs Guide of Diamonds


Quality Control

Universally recognized, the 4Cs are a guiding light in the world of diamonds, helping to determine the quality and value of each stone. The 4Cs stand for colour, cut, carat, and clarity. The laboratory grown diamonds in the Galaxy and Eternity collections are graded against these 4Cs by IGI, the International Gemological Institute.

Frequently asked questions


How to choose laboratory grown diamonds?

Choose your laboratory grown diamond as you would any other kind of diamond – by using the 4Cs of diamond quality. It is the universal method for assessing the quality of any diamond, anywhere in the world.

What are the sustainability credentials of Swarovski Created Diamonds?

As part of our strengthened sustainability program, we are working to make our products more sustainable. We are proud to confirm that our next collection will have a significantly improved share of laboratory grown diamonds produced with renewable energy, whilst we continue to work on switching all laboratory grown diamonds to renewable energy by 2025.
On our journey to this goal, we will focus all our efforts on switching to renewable energy sources throughout the growing, cutting, and polishing process, whilst offsetting any remaining emissions, during this transition period.

About our offsetting initiatives:
The carbon footprint of the laboratory grown diamonds was measured and offset by our partner, the climate consultancy South Pole. The calculated CO2 impact is compensated through high quality carbon credits, which were channelled to the Cat Hiep Solar Power Project in Vietnam and the Southern Cardamom Forest Protection in Cambodia.

How long does it take to grow a laboratory grown diamond?

A laboratory grown diamond can grow by approximately 1.5mm in 100 hours – therefore, a 1.00-ct laboratory grown diamond will require 12 days. 

Can you insure laboratory grown diamonds?

Yes, like any diamond jewellery, laboratory grown diamonds can be insured.

How long do laboratory created diamonds last?

Laboratory grown diamonds are 100% diamonds, and last as long as a mined diamond, creating long-lasting memories that last a lifetime.

Can you tell the difference between laboratory grown diamonds and natural diamonds?

No, not even professional jewellers and gemmologists can tell the difference between a laboratory grown diamond and a mined one without using highly specialized microscopes. To the naked eye, nobody can tell them apart.

Where can I purchase pieces from the Swarovski Created Diamonds collection?

A Swarovski Created Diamonds fine jewellery collection featuring laboratory grown diamonds is offered at many Swarovski stores and on A beautiful expression of exceptional vision, it brings a playful new approach to diamond design and new, modern styles to the market.