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January Birthstones

Multifaceted crystals and a vivid shade of red characterize our January birthstones, which symbolize happiness and commitment. Discover this birthstone in refined pendants and earrings, thoughtfully designed for Capricorns and those born in January.

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What is the January month birthstone?

The concept of birthstones dates back to the 15th century, with birthstones being associated with each month of the calendar year and representing the identity of those born in that month. We’ve crafted the January birthstone from brilliantly cut crystals, in a vibrant red color that will make a bold addition to any outfit. Its intense shade radiates warmth, empowering those who wear their birthstone to channel their energy into whatever they face.

Is the January birthstone and Capricorn birthstone the same?

Each calendar month has a birthstone, making the January birthstone the perfect option for those born in the first month of the year. Zodiac signs have their own distinct birthstones, although the January birthstone remains a thoughtful choice for both Capricorn men and women. For self-expression at its finest, combine the mesmerizing January birthstone with the Capricorn birthstone.

Explore meaningful January birthstone jewelry

Mythology and savoir-faire unite in our selection of statement jewelry that spotlights January’s birthstone. The majestic red stone was historically believed to offer protection and bring happiness to the wearer, and its allure continues today. We’ve taken this traditional concept, applied 127 years of craftsmanship, and reimagined our January birthstone crystals in eye-catching pendants and versatile stud earrings. Contemporary square cuts and shining rhodium plating give this jewelry a striking finish, delighting those with January birthdays and making for magical gifts for the beloved Capricorns in our lives.