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Are you interested in the Swarovski Crystal Society? As a member of the SCS, you will receive special treatment and regular updates with the latest information. The Swarovski Magazine, a complimentary publication exclusively for members, gives you an insight into the world of crystal twice a year. 

This award-winning magazine demonstrates not only the company's continuing role in the world of fashion, crystal sculpture, home, and interior décor, but also the company’s omnipresence in diverse fields such as art, architecture, and industry. It unveils insider information about the company’s history, social responsibility, employee success stories, and other cultural and ecological topics. Offered in ten languages and mailed to individual addresses in more than 120 countries, it is a lifestyle publication that caters specifically to the interests of crystal lovers worldwide. 

We invite you to have a look at the excerpt from the latest issue, available for download. 

If you are still not an SCS member, you can easily register by completing the online application form. If you reside in a country where Swarovski online shopping is offered, your SCS membership form will be processed instantly, giving you immediate access to all SCS online privileges!