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November Birthstones

Traditionally said to promote prosperity and inspire self-confidence, the November birthstone is a joyful shade of warm yellow. Let these radiant Swarovski crystals illuminate your jewellery collection, or discover a gift for a loved one.

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What is November's birthstone?

The true beauty of birthstones lies in their symbolism and ability to capture the essence of those wearing them. Bright topaz and lemon-toned citrine traditionally represent November’s birthstone; these gemstones were believed to clear the mind and bring positivity. At Swarovski, our reinterpretation of these gemstones highlights warm yellow crystals. Celebrate yourself or shine the spotlight on a loved one by gifting refined pieces enhanced with the November birthstone.

Is Scorpio's birthstone the same colour as November's?

Each month of the year deserves to be celebrated with a dedicated birthstone. For November, a rich yellow hue symbolises a focused mind and inner strength. Its sunshine-inspired colour also aligns with Scorpio’s calm demeanour. Discover sentimental jewellery crafted with dazzling November birthstones for the treasured Scorpio man or woman in your life. If your special someone was born in late October, consider gifts embellished with our blush pink October Birthstone to beautifully complement their personality.

Explore November’s birthstone set in elegant jewellery

Our carefully curated November birthstone collection is designed to celebrate and uplift those with November birthdays. For a beloved November-born Scorpio, consider a brightly coloured pair of earrings or a resplendent pendant, crafted with brilliantly cut Swarovski crystals. If you are looking for a personal keepsake that will make an impact, bring brightness to your life with timeless November birthstone jewellery that reflects your innate qualities.