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Laboratory Grown Diamond Necklaces

Radiance is redefined with Swarovski's exquisite laboratory grown diamond necklace collection. Laboratory grown diamonds are exactly the same as mined diamonds in every way but how they originate.

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All About Swarovski Created Diamonds
Welcome to the future of diamond jewellery. Celebrate your unique brilliance with laboratory grown diamonds in stunning designs.
What is a Lab Grown Diamond?
Precision cut and polished to perfection, laboratory grown diamonds take our innovative savoir-faire into new dimensions, shining bright with starlit brilliance.
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Laboratory Grown Diamond Necklaces

Explore our range of lab created diamond necklaces - the same as mined diamonds in every way but how they originate, the Swarovski Created Diamonds collection offers stunning fine jewellery designs featuring the diamonds of the future.

Fusing our fearless approach to innovation with our heritage of expertise, four multifaceted collections were created - Eternity, Essential, Intimate, and Signature. Explore our fine jewellery necklaces below and uncover each of the family's unique characteristics. Each laboratory grown diamond necklace will add a beautiful radiance to any look.

Laboratory Grown Diamond Pendants

Laboratory grown diamond pendants are the perfect blend of modern sophistication and classic elegance. Crafted in precious metals such as rhodium plating, sterling silver and white gold, each laboratory grown diamond offers magnificent quality and individual style. Our laboratory grown diamond necklaces contain up to 0.75 carats for a choice in diamond size. You can also achieve perfect symmetry and masterful personalisation thanks to the adjustable Swarovski Created Diamond necklace chains.

Discover more seductive designs by browsing the full Swarovski Created Diamonds Collection, earrings, or engagement rings today.