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October Birthstones

Be inspired by the multiple meanings behind October’s birthstone. Illuminated by a rose pink hue, these crystals reinterpret the traditional gemstone, believed to embody compassion, hope, and innocence. An ideal gift or symbol of self-love.

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What is October's birthstone?

Birthstones are highly symbolic and often worn as personal expressions of individuality. For those born in October, the stone that represents them is traditionally a pearlescent opal or blush-coloured tourmaline. At Swarovski, our creative reinterpretation of October’s birthstone is realised in pink crystals set into striking jewellery designs.

Is Libra's birthstone the same colour as October's?

The birthstone representing October is a light pink tone, evoking feelings of compassion and tenderness. The softness of the colour balances perfectly with the charming Libra's qualities. While the birthstone for Libra men and women is typically an opal, choosing a birth month-inspired crystal gift offers a distinctive alternative. If the Libra in your life has a September birthday, however, consider a deep blue September Birthstone to complement their personality instead.

Explore meaningful jewellery adorned with October’s birthstone

October's birthstone, with its elegant colour and heart-warming symbolism, is a thoughtful gift for your beloved October-born Libra. Imagine their delight as they unwrap a carefully selected pair of earrings or a pendant representing their birth month. With refined rhodium-plated details and precisely cut crystals designed to maximise shimmer, our selection of birthstone jewellery is designed to surprise and delight, whether buying for someone special or treating yourself.