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August Birthstones

Evoke the serenity of August’s birthstone with our selection of shimmering green jewellery. The vibrant colour is a calming symbol of peace and happiness. Celebrate the Leo in your life with a spectacular gift crafted from Swarovski crystals.

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What is August’s birthstone?

Birthstones are a way to express individuality and connect with powerful symbolism. Some people even believe that wearing your birthstone can bring good fortune. August-born jewellery lovers will fall for our reimagination of August’s birthstone, a vision in green crafted from expertly cut crystals. Embrace this stone to bring an energising lime-hued shimmer to every outfit.

Is Leo’s birthstone the same colour as August’s?

Those born under the Leo Zodiac sign are represented by the same birthstone as August – the peridot. This vivid yellow-green shade traditionally signified beauty and delight. A multifaceted stone, it was also said to symbolise compassion. Consider a meaningful August birthstone gift crafted from exquisite Swarovski crystals for the Leo man or woman in your life. If that someone special is a Leo born in July, you may wish to choose a July Birthstone option that aligns with their birth month instead.

August’s birthstone jewellery: serene green crystals

The calming hue of our August birthstone makes it a thoughtful birthday gift for loved ones. The relaxing green of our precisely cut crystals is reminiscent of the colour palette found in nature and has a refreshing radiance. Show your affection with a pair of spectacular earrings designed to glisten when they catch the light or treat yourself to an August-inspired gift of your own.