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July Birthstones

Introduce the intense red of July’s birthstone to your jewellery collection. This vivid colour traditionally represented passion, energy, and motivation. Embrace your individual essence or find a dazzling gift for someone special.

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What is July’s birthstone?

Since the 15th century, birthstones have been celebrated for their ability to capture the essence of those wearing them. The traditional gemstone for July, with its fiery red colour, was believed to ignite passion while also guiding the wearer to listen to their inner voice. Brilliant cut crystals represent the July birthstone in this collection, making a bold statement with their vibrant hue. Find the perfect present for someone you treasure or a piece to inspire self-expression.

Is Cancer’s birthstone the same as July’s birthstone?

The world of gemstones is vast and fascinating. Different coloured gemstones represent both astrological signs and birth months. When designing this jewellery, our pieces were inspired by the significance of birthstones for the calendar month in which someone is born. For Cancer men and women, this means that if you know a Cancer whose birthday falls in late June, the most meaningful present for them would be the subtle pink June Birthstone, which exudes grace. If they were born in July, consider a birthday gift from this selection of emblematic July birthstone jewellery.

July birthstone jewellery: a symbol of love

The theme of love lies at the heart of our collection of exquisite July birthstone jewellery. If a special anniversary is approaching, prove the depth of your feelings by gifting a pendant inlaid with gleaming red crystals. As well as symbolising passion, the July birthstone was traditionally thought to encourage those wearing it to follow their intuition, making these modern reinterpretations of the stone a meaningful gift for friends or family members. Don’t forget to show yourself some love by self-gifting our striking earrings with light-filled crystals, bringing a hint of brilliance to any outfit.