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Grow With Us

When you join us, you join a culture of continued exploration. Be curious, keep growing, and never stop learning.

People are at the very center of what we do. When you join us, you can choose different career and development options, from on-the-job training to project work, coaching, mentoring, training programs, and academies.

Have the Guts to Lead

Leadership for us is not about hierarchy. It’s about taking ownership and making a difference.

We care about the leaders of today and the leaders of tomorrow. Our leaders are pioneers, enabling, and driving the change towards a new, more successful Swarovski.

We have various internal and external programs to help our leaders discover and develop their strengths, fulfill their potential, and have tangible impact on people and the business around them.

Build the Skills to Succeed

We know the importance of ongoing exploration for professional and personal fulfillment. Learning and developing helps keep you at the top of your game. Whether you are looking to further evolve one of your strengths or are interested in exploring a new area of study, we encourage you to take advantage of the many learning opportunities that are available.

Elevate the Customer Experience

Learn to deliver truly exceptional products and experiences.

Shape the Future

Begin your professional journey in the world f crystal. Explore a world of opportunities. From our crystal lab to the catwalks of Paris, Milan, and New York, take your first career step with us.

Our Career Philosophy

Our career philosophy here at Swarovski is a four-pillar approach. We don’t believe in traditional career paths because every individual is unique.

Our career philosophy is built on 4 pillars:

  1. Opportunities to develop are everywhere
  2. Your career is unique to you
  3. Your career is not just about a hierarchical move
  4. You own your career

Career Moves

Expect a world of igniting possibilities in a unique company environment. Brilliance defines us but it must be created. To support it, we have identified six main types of internal career moves: Leader, Enrichment, Expert, Explorer, Boomerang, and Realignment.
Behind our faceted exterior is a great deal of hard work, know-how, passion, engagement, and cooperation in countless areas of expertise. We reshape the reality and make magic happen together.
We provide everyone at Swarovski with the opportunity for continued learning, growth, and development. You can choose between six different career development options. It’s the combination of these moves that we choose over our working lives which create our own personal career journey. We describe the moves as different ways to grow because each one offers different benefits for different people depending on their preferences.

Leader Move 

What is it? Developing leadership and people management skills
Why? To build autonomy and ownership and utilize skills and passion for leading people
Example: Sales Consultant to Store Manager

Enrichment Move

What is it? Growing in place 
Why? Build and strengthen upon current skills 
Example: Developing in current role

Expert Move 

What is it? Developing a different aspect of your function

Why? Build depth of skills within an area and become a ‘guru’
Example: From Product Design Home to Product Design Jewelry

Explorer Move

What is it? Moving from one area to another
Why? Learn a different area, build breadth of skills, and get a broader perspective across multiple areas
Example: From HR Operations to Customer Service

Boomerang Move

What is it? An employee who leaves, but returns to work for us
Why? Boost career, add new skills and grow upon return
Example: Recruiter leaves and rejoins in 3 years as Senior Talent Manager

Realignment Move 

What is it? Decelerating your career
Why? Reduce scope or re-focus experience and strengthen existing skills by sharing experience and knowledge with others
Example: Taking a career break

Compensation & Benefits

Engaged and effective employees drive the performance of our company, and it is important that we offer a competitive rewards package. There are many different elements – both monetary and non-monetary – that are part of each overall package. How the mix is made up depends on the role and location (some benefits may be country specific).

Base Pay

We offer a competitive and equitable annual salary. We embrace a Pay for Performance (P4P) philosophy - your individual and the overall performance of the company can influence your base pay in time.

Variable Pay

Our variable pay plans are designed to provide the right incentive to the different groups of employees. For example, Short Term Incentives, Profit Sharing, Retail, or Sales Incentive Plan.


We offer a broad range of benefits, aligned with the most competitive market trends in to provide flexibility and empower our employees to choose the tools that fit with their needs to reach an optimum work-life balance. We also offer product discounts, unforgettable experiences, and more.


Work where you’re productive when you’re productive – for us, flexibility is key. From job sharing for our office employees, flexible shifts in retail, part time jobs, and other flex-time arrangements, we want to make sure you can shape work around your personal life.


A global initiative that allows all Swarovski employees worldwide to dedicate one paid day of leave a year to make a positive impact on local communities through volunteering.


And More...

We reward colleagues who embody our company culture with access to a career philosophy, development opportunities, learning programs, recognition, mentoring, and coaching.


Wellbeing starts with you.

We put our people first. When you happy at work, you can develop your potential, be creative, build positive relationships with others, better cope with stress, and make meaningful contributions.

We partnered with Lyra Wellbeing, a global leader in Employee Assistance Programs, to bring the EAP service to our employees globally.

Our employees have confidential access to counselors to receive support on the matters affecting them the most.

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