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| Germany
Rewrite the rules of jewels with the new Swarovski Remix Collection. Just mix, match and connect the strands by their innovative magnetic clasps to create millions of combinations.
Whether it’s a necklace, a choker, or a single or multi-wrap bracelet, transform your look from day to night and let your style shine.

Step 1 Select your Style

You can choose your strands by selecting one or more of the 4 different styles – or simply select “View all”to see all possibilities.
  • Romantic

  • Rockchic

  • Glam

  • Timeless

1 strandEUR 111,11· 2 strandsEUR 222,22· 3 strandsEUR 333,33· 4 strandsEUR 444,44· Every other strandEUR 555,55·