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Evil Eye Jewelry

Leave negativity in the dust with evil eye necklaces, evil eye bracelets, and evil eye earrings that exude positivity and joy.

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Jewelry with a mystic touch

Embrace the powerful beliefs that lie behind our selection of evil eye jewelry. The evil eye, which is one of the most recognizable symbols, has long been thought to repel negative energy and bad fortune. In this precisely curated selection, we’ve combined this traditional talisman with Swarovski crystals to create contemporary jewelry. Explore timeless bracelets, bangles, earrings, and necklaces that feature the evil eye and exude positivity.

Express yourself with symbolism

Express your individuality while evoking profound symbolism with Swarovski’s evil eye jewelry. You’ll find the eye motif adorning elegant pendants, hanging from rose-gold plated chains, and on stunning bangles finished with gleaming metal—this striking contrast provides an eye-catching finish to your ensemble. Mix and match pendants from this selection with other rose-gold plated options, or if you prefer to wear your evil eye jewelry on your wrist, choose a bracelet to stack with other Swarovski bangles. We’ve also crafted versatile designs with this classic symbol, such as hoop earrings. Hang the evil eye motifs—captured in deep blue, dramatic black, and clear crystal pavé—on the hoops for a romantic look or detach them when you prefer a minimal outfit.

Find statement gifts with sentiment

If you’re looking for a thoughtful or romantic gift, explore this selection of mesmerizing evil eye jewelry. Look out for adjustable clasps across our evil eye pendants and bangles, which allow your giftee to find the perfect fit. If your lucky recipient prefers a boho look, why not select an on-trend charm bracelet, complete with meaningful symbols, that will add to their fashion credentials? If you want to treat your loved one with multiple gifts, find evil eye earrings that combine beautifully with other pieces from the selection, creating a distinctive aesthetic that symbolizes the iconic emblem’s power to ward off negativity.