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Swarovski Created Diamonds Collection

For our Swarovski Created Diamonds fine jewelry collection, laboratory grown diamonds are set in precious metals to create forever pieces in timeless designs. Each is crafted to gift a loved one a piece of light-filled luxury, or mark a personal milestone.

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All About Swarovski Created Diamonds
Welcome to the future of diamond jewelry. Celebrate your unique brilliance with laboratory grown diamonds in stunning designs.
What is a Laboratory Grown Diamond?
Precision cut and polished to perfection, laboratory grown diamonds take our innovative savoir-faire into new dimensions, shining bright with starlit brilliance.
Met Gala 2024
Swarovski dazzled on the Met Gala red carpet creating five incredible couture looks for the very first time.
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Laboratory Grown Diamond Jewelry: The Future of Fine Jewelry

Embrace distinctive yet timeless designs crafted from laboratory grown diamonds. Add radiance to everyday looks and special occasions with diamonds of the future set in beautiful precious metals.

Each Swarovski Created Diamond makes Daniel Swarovski's vision of 'A Diamond For Everyone' a reality.

Swarovski Created Diamonds Jewelry Collection

There are several different laboratory grown diamond jewelry styles to choose from. With an abundant selection, including laboratory grown diamond necklaces, earrings and engagement rings, we have a glowing design for everyone.

Celebrating the power of two, the Intimate family is romance reimagined. Beautiful laboratory grown diamonds add head-turning radiance to any style. Fine jewelry collectors will adore the Eternity family. Designed to become instant heirlooms, these items are fabulous forever purchases. The Essentials family is an understated expression of elegance, while the laboratory grown diamonds in the Signature family capture light with stunning results, and maximum brilliance.