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What do Swarovski and Disney have in common? A vision that brings magic and joy into the world – and this enchanting collaboration of crystal figurines does exactly that. The Swarovski Disney collection captures the spirit of wonder and imagination, bringing the studio’s loveable characters to life. From Disney 's Frozen princess sisters Elsa and Anna to the modern Pixar portfolio with Toy Story’s Woody and Buzz Lightyear. 

The Swarovski x Disney's The Little Mermaid Collection

Be part of Ariel’s world with the Swarovski Disney's The Little Mermaid Collection. Expect to find your favourite characters, all of which are designed to spark childhood memories, while showcasing Swarovski’s brilliant artisanal workmanship. The range includes Flounder, Ariel’s trusty sidekick, shining bright upon the crest of a wave; Sebastian – a vision of vibrant red against a blue crystal shell; and of course, Ariel, the iconic red-haired princess, depicted as a figurine with hundreds of sparkling facets. 

The Swarovski x Disney’s Star Wars Collection

Travel into hyperspace with our Swarovski x Disney's Star Wars figurines. To celebrate Lucasfilm’s spectacular universe, which has been inspiring fans since 1977, we bring the heroes from a galaxy from far, far away back to Earth with this inspiring crystal set. Reignite the spirit of intergalactic adventure with Captain Han Solo, Wookiee warrior Chewbacca and the brave little Ewok Wicket, all shining with authentic colour and detail. Each of our crystal figurines is a collector’s piece of unique charm and character, including our dazzling designs of Captain Solo’s legendary Millennium Falcon and the Galactic Empire’s mighty AT-AT Walker.

The Swarovski x Disney's Frozen 2 Collection

Bring the fantastic Disney's Frozen 2 world into your home with your favorite characters from the award-winning animated musical fantasy film. Exquisitely crafted and shimmering with a multitude of sparkling facets, these Swarovski Disney figurines perfectly showcase the brand's crystal mastery and craftsmanship. Adorned by an icy blue crystal dress, Elsa is as beautiful and regal as ever. An amazing gift for Swarovski and Disney fans alike, the Swarovski Disney's Frozen 2 Collection features the Arendelle's royal sisters with dazzling representation of Anna in her signature Violet and Fuchsia cape. The collection is completed by the Disney's Frozen 2 Snowflake Ornament, also available as part of the Disney's Frozen 2 online exclusive set.

Disney and Pixar Toy Story Collection

Introducing the Swarovski Disney and Pixar Toy Story Collection. You can find all your favourite characters from the Pixar film series, such as Hamm the pig in shimmering pink crystals, and Jessie the feisty cowgirl whose iconic outfit comes to life in a multitude of colours, topped with her vibrant red Stetson. Buzz Lightyear and Woody are also depicted as iconic figurines by Swarovski’s masterful makers with exceptional attention to detail.

The Swarovski x Disney’s Mickey and Minnie Collection

A true symbol of adventure and good humour, this charming mouse has become a very popular animated character over the years. This iconic duo is represented in a range of playful Disney accessories and jewellery. Masterfully executed in red and black crystals with the use of our signature Pointiage® technique, this delightful Disney Collection is a must-have for Mickey Mouse fans and collectors alike.