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The Lion King Official Merchandise and Gifts

As Disney’s The Lion King celebrates its 30th anniversary, a new Disney x Swarovski collaboration reveals four stunning new ornaments. Impeccably rendered in Swarovski Crystals, Mufasa, Simba, Timon and Pumbaa shine brighter than ever. Encapsulating the vivacious spirit of the Pride Lands, these are the perfect collectible gifts for adults, and will make memorable party favours.

The Lion King Gifts

for Him and Her

For loyal fans of The Lion King, our themed collectibles make a thoughtful gift. Whether you are looking for keepsake gifts for her, or searching for expressive home décor gifts for him, pick a spectacular Disney x Swarovski figurine. Inspired by the savannah adventures of Simba and friends, they’re guaranteed to be treasured always.

The Crystalised Characters

More Disney Magic

Every Disney x Swarovski collaboration exudes wonder, illuminating imaginations and bringing the studio’s legendary characters to life. Engineered to captivate and meticulously crafted with signature Swarovski savoir-faire, these themed figurines, accessories and jewellery collections are perfect as gifts for her, for him – and for you.
Official Disney x Swarovski Collaborations

Alice in Wonderland

This collection celebrates the irresistible spirit of Disney’s iconic characters, reimagining Alice in Wonderland and her friends with impeccable crystal savoir-faire.

Mickey Mouse

Whimsical pavé jewellery and joyfully faceted crystal figurines showcase Mickey Mouse and other Disney fan favourites in an extraordinary new light.


Capturing the spirit of Marvel’s heroes and villains in Swarovski Crystals, our compelling range features accessories and figurines that radiate strength and valour.

World of Swarovski


Illuminating the many facets of Swarovski from heritage to lifestyle and beyond.

Ocean-Inspired Jewellery


Our new jewellery families are beautiful works of artistry that feature Swarovski Crystal Pearls, and a palette of blue and green Swarovski Crystals. 

Wedding Jewellery and Accessories


Fall in love with beautiful designs infused with the brilliance of crystals. From subtle shimmer to all-out glamour, there is a piece to complement any wedding style, each deserving of a place on your wedding accessories list.

Disney’s The Lion King x Swarovski


Commemorate a cherished classic with radiant characters.