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Right to cancel the purchase agreement

You retain the right to return, without due reason, the products you purchased within fourteen business days after your collection of the ordered goods. Provided, however, you can only exercise such rights in the following cases: 1) The relevant goods are returned in their original condition 2) You returned the relevant goods within fourteen business days after the collection of the product or 3) If you notified Swarovski Korea Ltd. (address: 10,11,12,13F Baekyoung Bldg, 456 Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06062, email: within fourteen business days after collecting the products you are in the process of returning (you must immediately return the relevant goods in their original condition within fourteen business days after you notified the Company). In the event you exercise your right to return the products as the above, the Company, upon collecting the products from you, shall reimburse the amount of your order for the returned goods for which you paid the Company You may also return the products in accordance to your rights in regards to the Company’s warranty and products provided to you that cannot be excluded under related laws. You may receive additional information and support regarding your return of a relative product by selecting “Customer Service – Returns” on the Website menu. The Company shall, after reception of the returned goods, return to you the payment you made to the Company. The Company shall reimburse the payment made only when the relevant goods have been received from you. Therefore, you must exercise all reasonable caution until the relevant goods have been returned.

If you decide to return only part of an order that has been purchased with a discount/offer applied, the amount refunded will be subject to the minimum purchase amount placed on the offer, the value of the discount will be adjusted accordingly, and only the amount relevant to the returned item will be refunded. If the items returned bring the remaining total below the minimum purchase level of the offer, then the discounted amount will be deducted from the refund amount. For example, a 10% discount (with a minimum purchase amount of KRW 100) will be removed if the returned product(s) brings the total order value below KRW 100. In case of a promotion with staggered prices, always the lowest amount will be refunded.