Version: May 2018

1. Primal Policy: 

Swarovski Japan (hereinafter `SW-J`) places a high management priority to protect customers‘ personal Information, understanding the importance of properly protecting it, with the following policies. 

2. Compliance: 

SW-J will handle Personal Information only within Purpose(s) of Use below and will endeavor to handle it appropriately to comply with the applicable laws and regulations.

3. Consent to Handling of Personal Information Submitted through the Swarovski website/Online Shop 

You, the customer, give consent to Swarovski to collect, hold, disclose, and use your personal information submitted through the Swarovski website/Online Shop (and all information submitted in relation to the purchase agreement). This consent is given by registering your contact details, entering into a purchase agreement, or by engaging in other forms of electronic communication with Swarovski. In accordance with this privacy policy, no further consent is required.

4. Purpose of Use of Personal Information: 

Personal Information is stored and processed by SW-J and Swarovski group companies (hereinafter “Swarovski”) including Swarovski headquarters in Europe.
Swarovski may use Personal Information for the following purposes: (1) processing and delivering customers’ purchased goods or awards, (2) offering its related aftercare services, (3) keeping customers informed about Swarovski and Swarovski Group’s market activities, goods, and services, open transactions, (4) conducting questionnaire and market research to improve our website, products and services, and (5) delegating repairs or other logistical tasks to third parties.

In case there is need for other purpose(s) than the ones stated above, except for cases following applicable ministerial guidelines, Swarovski will obtain in advance consent from the customers who provide his/her Personal Information based on the purpose(s) of use. 

5. Restriction of use and providing Personal Information: 

Swarovski will not use or provide Personal Information for purposes of use which are not specified in Article 3 above, except for cases of legal enforcement for disclosure or for crisis handling such as unauthorized accesses or intimidations.

6. Safety security:

(1) Security Control Measures
Swarovski will take necessary and appropriate security control measures, and will implement corrective actions as needed to protect entrusted Personal Information from leakage, loss, modification, destruction, etc.

(2) Shared use
Swarovski may share Personal Information for the purposes stated in Article 3 with Swarovski Group companies. The information provided by customers will be properly managed by responsible parties respectively.

Moreover, SW-J may share Personal Information (such as name, address, telephone number, etc ) with the department stores or shopping malls (hereinafter “department stores”) where SW-J has its stores.

In the shared use with department stores, in addition to the purposes stated in Article 3, Personal Information may be used for the purposes of shared use stated by the department stores. The shared Personal Information shall be properly managed under the responsibility of SW-J. 

(3) Subcontractors
Swarovski may subcontract the processing of entrusted Personal Information to a third party within the scope necessary for the achievement of the purposes of use. Such third party will be selected after confirming sufficient level of information security, and Swarovski will exercise necessary and adequate supervision on the party by such means as making contracts.

7. Disclosure of Personal Information

Swarovski will properly respond to comments and requests from customers regarding handling of Personal Information such as to review, to correct, to add, and to delete Personal Information of their own after confirming their identity. 

8. Contact address

For information on Swarovski’s personal information data, request for disclosure/correction/suspension, and/or questions/opinions on Swarovski’s data use, please contact the following: 

Swarovski Japan Ltd. 
12th Floor, Ichibancho Tokyu Building, 21 Ichibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0082 

Toll free number: 0120 (10) 8700

9. Continuous Improvement of Internal System

Swarovski will continuously endeavor to improve internal compliance systems. 

10. Revision of Privacy Policy

This policy may be revised without preliminary announcement.


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