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The Power of Positivity

The ultimate good luck charms, Good Luck Trolls are inspired by Nordic folklore and have brought joy to people around the 
world for decades. Now they are crafted with Swarovski Crystals for the very first time. In a rainbow of signature shades, and embellished with light-reflecting Pointiage®, discover gold-tone jewelry and delightful décor, brilliant for birthday gifts and bringing a pop of positivity into your life.

Introducing the Irresistible Good Luck Trolls

Joyful Décor

Inspiring cheerfulness and wellbeing, Good Luck Trolls decorations will add playful creativity to any room. Bringing Swarovski hues to the classic doll, treat yourself to a stylish symbol of luck or gift joy to a loved one.


A love letter to crystal

Collect All the Good Luck Trolls

Swarovski gifts

Good Luck Gifts

Step inside Swarovski’s world of magic, where crystals collide in wondrous formations. Vividly imaginative figurines, gorgeous jewelry, and lustrous accessories are crafted to imbue spaces and styles with luminous positivity. So, whether celebrating an anniversary or honoring a milestone, discover gifts symbolizing good fortune and eternal charm.

World of Swarovski


Illuminating the many facets of Swarovski from heritage to lifestyle and beyond.

Ocean-Inspired Jewelry


Our new jewelry families are beautiful works of artistry that feature Swarovski Crystal Pearls, and a palette of blue and green Swarovski Crystals. 

A Guide to Watch Styles


The perfect blend of fashion and function, watches have the power to elevate any look. 

Disney’s Alice in Wonderland and friends

This collection celebrates the irresistible spirit of Disney’s iconic characters, reimagining Alice in Wonderland and her friends with impeccable crystal savoir-faire.