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What is the status of my online order?

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Can I cancel my order?

We work hard to process your order and get your purchases out for delivery quickly and efficiently. An order cancelation may be possible within 30 minutes (approximately) of receipt of your order confirmation.
To cancel an order, please log in to your customer account, then search the relevant order amid your order history and click the “cancel order” button. If the cancelation is still possible you will be asked to confirm the action. 
If the cancelation button is greyed out inactive your order can’t be changed or canceled at this stage.

In case you ordered as a guest and you are within 30 minutes of receipt of your order confirmation, please contact us immediately via phone or chat (during opening hours) and our customer service team will do every effort to process your request.

If cancelation is no longer possible, unwanted items can be returned per our returns policy.

As soon as it reaches our warehouse, you will receive a return confirmation email and a full refund on the same payment method used to place the order.

How do I return my online order?

Swarovski's top priority is our customer satisfaction. You may return your Online order up to 30 days after receipt (except for Creators Lab products, Gift Cards and Swarovski Masks (if unpacked due to hygienic reasons). To return your order please proceed as follows:

To register your return, please go to to get your return label / QR Code.

Enter your Online order number and email address and follow the instructions to complete the return registration and receive your unique QR code or return label.

Pack the item(s) to be returned in the original carton using the original packaging materials.

Fill in the return form and return the form with the merchandise. Include the number of returned articles and the reason for return. It is very important that you include the return form with your package so that we can process your return.

Return the parcel according to the instructions of your chosen return carrier.

Keep the proof of return postage.

Allow approximately 14 working days for the return process. Once your Online return has been processed, you will receive a return confirmation email and the refund will be processed. Refunds can take up to 10 working days to show on your account. You can track your return parcel with the link provided by the return carrier.

Can I exchange my purchase?

It is not possible to exchange online purchases returned via post. All returned products will be refunded to the original payment method. Please place a new online order for the correct product.
Or for straightforward size exchanges of the same product subject to product availability. Visit your nearest store (excluding concessions) store finder.

Is International Exchange allowed?

Due to various reasons (including, without limitation, different jewelry collections in USA, Asia, Europe, and for our Travel Retail business, different taxes, different price structure, local legal requirements, logistic reasons) Swarovski does not have an international exchange or refund policy. As a result, we are thus unable to exchange, substitute, or refund products purchased abroad

Can I change my delivery address?

It is not always possible to change the delivery address or delivery date once the parcel is in transit. You might have the possibility to organize the delivery of your parcel in the most suitable way for you, by utilizing our delivery partners’ web portal.

How can I check product availability?

Our online availability is indicated with the "Add to bag" button, if the button isn't displayed it's because we are unable to fulfill it at the moment.​

For unavailable products you may opt to receive notification if the product comes back in stock, for that please click on "notify me" button on the product details page and add your email address​

To check instore availability please follow these instructions:​

1) Select the product of your choice at our online shop​
2) On the product details page, below the button “add to bag" please select “Check Instore Availability"
3) Add your current or desired location and that's it, you can navigate through the options displayed.

What size should I buy?

At Swarovski, we know that finding the correct size for your ring, necklace or bracelet is important. To help you find the correct size, we have created this handy guide.

Why did my purchase not qualify for the promotion?

If your recent order did not qualify for the promotion, please check the promotion Terms & Conditions to ensure that the item you ordered was not excluded from the promotion.​

If you believe your item was not part of the exclusions, please check to ensure that the order was placed during the promotion validity period.​

If you need further support, please contact our customer service team.

Where can I find information on the current promotion?

Swarovski runs sale promotions throughout the year, to stay up to date, we recommend signing up to our newsletter

Is my item repairable?

Please take your item, along with a proof of purchase, to your nearest Swarovski store, where they will be happy to assist and assess the item. ​

If a fault is found and considered to be covered by the warranty, an exchange or a repair will be offered. ​

If the damage is outside the scope of the warranty, then we might be able to offer a repair at cost.​

You can find your nearest store using our online store finder:

Please note, if no proof of purchase is presented, or if the item is outside of its warranty period, we may still be able to offer a repair at a charge.​



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