Bird Figurines and Statuettes

Our unique birds figurines celebrate the magic of nature. From iconic crystal swans to tropical parakeets in kaleidoscopic hues, find your favorite today – or gift a loved one.

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Elegant avian designs

Explore our selection of bird figurines, where nature-inspired designs fuse harmoniously with expert craftsmanship. You’ll find a stunning array of collectible birds, from graceful swans and majestic cranes to playful toucans. We’ve skillfully crafted each figurine from clear crystals that shine brilliantly thanks to their multitude of facets. Intricate details, such as crowns made from synthetic hair, bring these charming creatures to life.

Statement decorations

Introduce a little vibrancy to your home decoration with your chosen bird figurine. These colorful companions come in a variety of vivid shades—think tropical blues and yellows that depict macaws and parakeets, as well as peaceful pastels that perfectly capture the allure of a hummingbird. Let your favorite take center stage as a standalone ornament, or pair it with other pieces in the selection for a showstopping display.

Captivating gifts for nature enthusiasts

These characterful bird statuettes, rendered in brilliant Swarovski crystals, make for timeless gifts. Each bird figurine pays homage to one of nature’s wonders, capturing fascinating features and symbolizing qualities such as freedom, joy, and prosperity. Discover a new addition for a Swarovski collector in your life, or treat someone special to a gift for their home that will become a treasured keepsake.