my swarovski
New Zealand

This year Swarovski celebrates 125 years of heritage, innovation and glamour through a very special 125th Anniversary Collection. Honouring the unique Swarovski DNA, the collection focuses on bestselling and timeless designs now reimagined in our iconic deep blue shade. Jewellery, accessories, a glamorous watch and sparkling crystal figurines commemorate the brand’s rich history and mastery. From the creation of its first faceted crystals to its technological innovations, Swarovski’s heritage and dedication to its craft have helped to transform the way people can sparkle all around the world.

Discover the distinctive 125th Anniversary Collection – a future classic to wear and a treasure for years to come. Among its special pieces, the collection features the return of the Original Mouse – the very first Swarovski crystal figurine - re-interpreted in a modernised and more contemporary style. The new shimmer effect adds even more brilliance and colour vibrancy, and light refraction accentuates every crystal facet. Another hero of this collection is the elegant Dancing Swan necklace – delicately set in pave, a marquise-shaped blue crystal dances with every movement and pays tribute to Swarovski's iconic symbol.