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June Birthstones

The June birthstone was traditionally believed to imbue the wearer with strength and inner confidence. With its romantic hue, our interpretation of the birthstone with blush pink crystals is a thoughtful choice for Geminis and those born in June.

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What is June’s birthstone?

People have believed that birthstones have the power to bring prosperity and happiness to their wearers for centuries. Traditionally, June’s birthstone is represented by iridescent pearls. The Swarovski interpretation of the June birthstone sees the pearl reimagined with shimmering blush-hued crystals. A joyful shade that radiates light from every angle, these striking pieces would be the perfect present for your loved ones – or a meaningful gift to yourself.

Is Gemini’s birthstone the same as June’s birthstone?

There are many lucky Zodiac stones associated with the curious and witty Gemini. If a Gemini man or woman is born in June, the most meaningful stone for them will be the June calendar-month birthstone. Its delicate pale pink colour was traditionally thought to bring serenity and provide guidance in a quest for purpose. If you know a Gemini with a May birthday, celebrate their special day by gifting a piece of jewellery crafted with the verdant green May Birthstone, which takes inspiration from nature’s beauty.

Discover refined jewellery enhanced with June’s birthstone

Embrace the beauty of self-expression with brilliant cut crystals in an alluring shade of pink, crafted to encapsulate the qualities of those born in June. Our June birthstone features in an array of exquisite jewellery, from dazzling necklaces to square-cut stud earrings. Bring a touch of individuality and natural radiance to your everyday look with our June birthstone jewellery. If you have a special Gemini in your life, or know a loved one with a June birthday, consider combining pendants and earrings to create a symbolic gift they’ll cherish.