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SCS Festival September 2022 Recap


Light & Elegance


We started the festival by introducing you to our new SCS exclusive pen. Handwriting a note to a loved one always delivers the personal touch—so why not add a hint of elegance too? 

Then, designers Martin Zendron and Michele Blasili spoke to us about the fine details and craftsmanship that went into creating the African Sunset collection. We were also excited to announce that our exclusive African Mask gift will be available once again.

Umbra by James Turrell


Next on the agenda, the Creative Curator of Crystal Worlds, Carla Rum-ler, took us on a guided tour through our new Chamber of Wonders, “Umbra”. This immersive experience was created by artist James Turrell as one of his famous “Shallow Space Constructions” exclusively for Swarovski Crystal Worlds. “Umbra” is a modern art exhibition that takes visitors on a sensory tour through a world of light and color, evoking a feeling that is both profound and moving.

Light as the magical elixir

When explaining the inspiration behind “Umbra”, James said, “I have this feeling of light as being the magical elixir. I wanted people to treasure light like we treasure gold and silver. What I would like to con-vey through this work is this love of life in light.”

Although it is a quite different installation to those typically seen at Crystal Worlds, James’s exhibit works seamlessly with Swarovski’s brand. Light breathes life into crystal and ignites its magic. “Umbra” invites visitors to understand and perceive light differently. 

Carla advised guests to take their time in “Umbra”. “This is not a room for quick consumption,” she said. Instead, it is best to stand still and observe. “If you dare to open yourself to the enormous power of the light, “Umbra” will reward you with an immersive experience that will resonate with you both emotionally and physically.”

The Dulcis Mouse: A Contemporary Spin on a Classic

Charming, playful, and always enchanting, the first Swarovski crystal mouse was created in 1976. Today, inspired by our Dulcis jewelry collection, the mouse has been modernized and reimagined for a new generation.

"Deemed an “unexpected breakthrough” when it was first created in 1976, the crystal mouse is one of Swarovski’s most iconic figurines. Created by designer Max Schreck, the original mouse epitomized Swarovski’s aesthetic —simple, refined, and elegant. The mouse was quickly joined by Swarovski’s menagerie of crystal animals, which eventually led to the formation of the Swarovski Collectors Society (SCS) in 1987.

During the September Crystal Society Festival, we learned more about the life span of the original mouse and its many iterations. Most recently, Swarovski Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert reinvented the classic mouse by creating a new design inspired by the Dulcis jewelry family. Borrowing from Dulcis’ sweet candy colors and Pop Art shapes, the Dulcis Mouse is made with precision-cut crystals that are cushioned by the mouse’s ears in a seemingly soft metallic setting. The vibrant pink and green finishings set off the clear crystal in an artistic and contemporary style.

Swarovski X Rosenthal: Art de la Table


Towards the end of the week-long festival, we joined Ann-Sophie and Thomas Steiner, Head of Operations at Crystal Worlds, for a delicious afternoon tea at Daniel’s Restaurant. The two met to enjoy fine tea, coffee, and baked goods all served on the effortlessly cool Swarovski x Rosenthal Signum tableware.

Choose Your Own Style

Crafted from fine porcelain in bright colors, this playful and elegant collection adds joy to any table setting. The vibrant color of each piece is individually added through a six-step process. The octagonal shape seen throughout the collection is an homage to Swarovski’s master cutting.

While enjoying the Signum collection, Ann-Sophie remarked that members can opt for a classic and elegant feel by choosing a monochrome set (a full set in one color) or they can add a modern twist by combining several different colors.

Bring the Elegance of Africa into Your Home

Place your fine Elegance of Africa figurines on tables and sideboards for everyone to enjoy up-close.

At the end of the festival, Swarovski urged viewers to take their crystal collectibles out of their showcases and proudly display them throughout the home.  Larger pieces exude gran-deur best when standing on their own, while smaller pieces can adorn your shelves to add a moment of wonder to every room.

Your Swarovski crystals are valuable collectibles, but they needn’t al-ways be hidden away. Take them out and boldly display these works of art around your home so that you can appreciate and enjoy their fine craftsmanship and beauty every day.

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