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Meet the real Zebra behind “Amai”

Have you ever wondered where the idea for this year`s SCS Annual Edition Zebra Amai came from? Come join us at the Schindlhof farm in the heart of Tyrol, with spectacular views of the valley surrounding Wattens. This is the home of warmblood dressage horses bred and trained for dressage shows but also of their more exotic kin: Zebras Helmut and Franco. Hear firsthand from Evelyn Haim-Swarovski, owner of the Schindlhof, and designer Heinz Tabertshofer how these gracious creatures ended up in Tyrol and how they inspired this year`s annual edition.

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Now that you've seen where the real life inspiration for the Zebra Amai was derived from, have a look at how the SCS Annual edition was produced: