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A World Of Capabilities


Creative sparks fly with the debut of innovative new products that exude colour, artistry and craftsmanship. Whether indulging fantasies or dreaming up new worlds, highest quality Swarovski Crystals allow you to bring your most ambitious visions to life.

Fantasy Round Stone

Stunningly crafted with sophisticated symmetry front and back, the lightweight design of the Fantasy Round Stone is an innovative interpretation of the revered Rose cut in a contemporary look with an archival feel. 

Trilliant Cut

Inspired by the historic Trillion Cut Diamond, the triangular shape is creatively flexible and constructively confident. Sleek in style and multi-faceted, the Trilliant is a forever favourite for the fashion-forward.

Turquoise Pearls

Balm for the soul and the senses, the soothing lustre of Crystal Iridescent Light and Dark Turquoise Pearls capture both the depth of endless oceans, and the soft shimmer of waves lapping at the shore.

Multi-Row Cup-chain

Combining multiple cup-chains and colours to create unique motifs and designs, this all-encompassing solution radiates brilliant shine with an incredibly smooth back surface ensuring ease of application.

Crystal LacquerPRO Ignite Effects

Tantalizing new Crystal LacquerPRO Ignite Effects – Flamingo, Linen and Sky – are the perfect fit for the sense of calmness infiltrating designs. Their subtle effect and beautiful finish will stand the test of time.


The bespoke Swarovski service means we go beyond our tremendous standard assortment of crystals, engaging in creative collaborations with top designers and resulting in truly unique fashion pieces.


At Swarovski, we create over 360 different cuts and shapes of crystals, all with superior brilliance, clarity, cut and colour. We also take a modern and progressive approach to business that respects the wellbeing of people and the planet. Our Advanced Crystal is compliant with the strictest environmental laws in the market, helping our customers make the responsible choice.

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