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A Thing of Beauty is a joy forever

Did you know that when cheetahs are content they purr just like an ordinary house cat? Full of surprises, these wild animals are as enchanting as they are resilient. Sadly, ongoing habitat destruction is putting their survival at risk. Our Numbered Limited Edition The Cheetah sculpture stands as a reminder of the animal’s beauty – and what we stand to lose if we do not work to protect it.

A big threat for the big cats


Despite their adaptability, tenacity, and impressive hunting skills, cheetahs are facing extinction – and not for the first time. While they managed to survive two previous threats, the ongoing loss of inhabitable territory is posing a renewed and serious challenge.
As the fastest land animals on earth, cheetahs need a lot of space for hunting, to be able to reach their top speeds, charge their prey, and make swift turns. Human farmland expansion reduces this greatly, affecting the species and putting their survival at risk. And while cheetahs are not picky settlers, happily at home anywhere from dry forests to the Sahara desert, they fail to thrive in protected areas because they cannot compete with larger predators.
This leaves the magnificent purring cat in a very vulnerable position. Which is why now, more than ever, is the time to celebrate their beauty, recognise what is slipping from our grasp, and put cheetahs in the spotlight.

A cheetah like no other


What better way to recognize the magnificent big cat, than through a work of art? Unlike other depictions, including the naturalistic SCS Annual Edition Cheetah Mehira, our Numbered Limited Edition statue doesn’t focus on the animal’s one-of-a-kind patterned fur. In fact, in his artistic interpretation, crystal designer Martin Zendron, chose to put the characteristic aside completely, and instead focus on the exquisite anatomy of the wild cat.

Back lightly curved, tail low, head scanning the horizon, The Cheetah is captured mid-movement. His slender, muscular body and long legs hint at his ability to reach breathtaking speeds, while a newly developed Savanne effect accentuates his magnificent colouring.

Standing at almost 20cm high, and 40cm long, The Cheetah is a show-piece that not only pays homage to the distinct elegance of the animal but also its resilience and fragility. It is a striking reminder of the beauty of nature – and how quickly that beauty can vanish. And, with only 1,000 statues available worldwide, it is a special and fitting way to honour the big cat

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