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Birthstone Jewelry

Embrace the beauty of self-expression with the Swarovski Birthstone collection. Each month of the year has its own dedicated birthstone, steeped in rich beliefs dating back to the 15th century. Discover the captivating shades of Swarovski’s birthstones with crystals.

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Birthstones Collection
Embrace your inherent qualities with shimmering symbols of self-expression
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Birthstone jewelry imbued with meaning

For thousands of years, birthstones been thought to empower those wearing them while inspiring strength and good fortune. Each Swarovski birthstone is associated with a calendar month, making it a symbolic gift for a loved one. To express yourself wholeheartedly, discover the traditional color and meaning behind yours in our selection of birthstone jewelry.

Discover mesmerizing Swarovski birthstones

We’ve taken inspiration from natural gemstones to meticulously craft our birthstone jewelry with colored crystals. These captivating shades reflect the identity of the wearer, letting their personality truly shine. Celebrate those with birthdays at the beginning of the year by gifting a January Birthstone—a vibrant scarlet-red stone that emanates vitality—or opt for verdant stones that inspire wisdom for a special someone born in May. You’ll also find enchanting azure birthstone jewelry for September and refined shades of pink stones for your friends and family born in February, June or October. Be inspired to gift something truly personal, or choose your own birthstone piece as a beautiful act of self-love.

Explore graceful birthstone necklaces and earrings

Our exquisite birthstones come to life in a selection of radiant necklaces and earrings. Square cuts and shimmering rhodium plating combine in a contemporary reimagination of these traditional talismans. Explore easy-to-wear pairs of stud earrings and delicate pendants, hanging on a fine chain. Whatever design you choose, each Swarovski birthstone celebrates self-expression and over 125 years of master craftsmanship.