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Design in collaboration with Swarovski

Welcome to the Swarovski Creators Lab. Here, we’re dreaming up uniquely collectible, limited-release items, created in collaboration with esteemed brands worldwide. The invitation to explore is yours.

A Passion for Perfection

Marina Raphael

Crafted with a commitment to sustainability and exceptional quality, each functional yet fashion-forward bag is destined to form a long-term relationship with your wardrobe.

Brilliantly bold sport-chic savoir-faire


The masters of movement meet the Masters of Light. Introducing a glamorous collection of tailored ski garments adorned with Swarovski® crystals from Fusalp, where each piece is crafted with a shared passion for innovation and elegance.



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To celebrate its 75th anniversary, PUMA has entered the Creators Lab to produce a dazzling limited edition collection that unites the dynamic worlds of sportswear and luxury.

Golden Goose

Inspired by the skate scene in Venice Beach, California, a glittering new collaboration is born as Golden Goose enters the Swarovski Creators Lab.



Designed for moments in the spotlight, the dazzling new Aura Sandal is the latest addition to the Swarovski Creators Lab. 

World of Swarovski

Illuminating the many facets of Swarovski from heritage to lifestyle and beyond.