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iPhone® 14 Cases and Covers

Discover a new accessory for yourself or a loved one that combines functionality and style. Our iPhone® 14 cases with Swarovski crystals come in a dazzling range of options, each designed to transform your phone into a statement-making accessory.

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Dazzling iPhone® 14 cases to complete your look

Similar to rings or bracelets, an iPhone® 14 case is an addition that adds interest, making your look both alluring and more cohesive. Add a touch of Swarovski's brilliance to your tech and let your iPhone® 14 be a gleaming reflection of your individuality, or find a thoughtful gift for someone special that they can use daily.

A kaleidoscope of colors and crystals

Our iPhone® 14 covers come in a variety of colors and combine functionality with refined design. Clear crystals exude elegance, complementing everything from workwear to your evening attire. To create a subtle aesthetic, look out for monochrome covers. Alternatively, explore ombré options to capture your creativity and make a bold statement. Our signature Swan also makes an appearance in this selection—perfect for showcasing your brand loyalty. If you’re looking to treat someone else, why not opt for an iPhone® 14 case as a birthday gift and combine it with an equally standout keyring?

Practical yet expressive designs

Our iPhone® 14 cases are not just about elevating your look: they're designed with durability and practicality in mind. Crafted to protect your iPhone® 14 from everyday wear and tear, these cases offer a layer of protection that doesn't compromise on style. Precise cutouts ensure easy access to all your phone's features and ports. To bring an exquisite finish to your other gadgets, browse our wider selection of crystal-embellished tech accessories.