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Theatrical Glamour

The hypnotic allure of crystals is unleashed on the world’s largest theater stage courtesy of a partnership between Jean Paul Gaultier and Swarovski. Berlin’s hottest new show Falling | In Love is an extraordinary explosion of color curated by the celebrity Parisian designer, and over 100 million Swarovski Crystals light up his visionary brilliance.

Fantasy in Bloom

Visual Design Director and Curator of Falling I In Love, Jean Paul Gaultier infuses the production with extraordinary magnetism. Crystalline gardens filled with flora and fauna create a shimmering backdrop for a rainbow of bejeweled ensembles. Taking over 3,000 hours to create, and incorporating millions of Swarovski Crystals, Gaultier’s inimitable creativity culminates in an unforgettable spectacle.

“Swarovski makes the world sparkle”

Jean Paul Gaultier

All Dressed Up

Amplifying every performance, 280 costumes designed by Gaultier glimmer with breathtaking drama. Unapologetically extravagant, each outfit is decorated with vibrant precision-cut stones that glow from within. Swarovski’s iconic jewelry also has its moment in the spotlight, with 80 singers and dancers adorned in luminous crystals.

Crystal Curtains

Composed of more than 3,000 meters of exquisite crystal strands, the stage curtains are a true showstopper. Originally designed for the Oscars®, the sculptural clusters have been reimagined, adding an element of sustainability to the set production. Also given a starring role is the world’s largest Swarovski Crystal. Weighing 180kg,the meter-tall facet mirrors the show’s magic with its irresistible radiance.

Swarovski’s largest-ever crystal illuminates the stage at Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin

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