Swarovski Crystal Society (SCS)

When will I receive my welcome kit/renewal gift?

 It's always a pleasure to welcome a new or returning member who loves crystal as much as we do. 
The standard delivery time is 4-6 weeks from sign up date, you should receive your parcel shortly.

How do I join/renew my SCS membership online?

You may renew your SCS membership online by following these few easy steps: 

- Go to
- Select the renewal membership type
- Enter your login if you are a member of the Swarovski Crystal Society (SCS) and you have an Online User Account 
- Select “Already a member” and enter your SCS membership information if you are a member of SCS without an Online User Account.
- Proceed with the payment

You will receive an email confirming your renewal. 

The SCS membership can be renewed at any authorized Swarovski retailers.

The list of retailers is available on SWAROVSKI.COM/store-finder. Please enter your town or postcode, then choose “SCS Member Products” to narrow the search to Swarovski Crystal Society retailers.

Why can't I add two SCS limited-editions to the shopping bag?

SCS members are only allowed to purchase one limited-edition item.

If you have already purchased the limited edition item online or in store, it is not possible to purchase an additional one, even if it is for a gift.

If you are trying to order the limited edition online, only one item can be added to the shopping bag.

My SCS membership expired. Why can I not renew online?

An SCS membership cannot be renewed online if it expired more than 3 months ago.

We would kindly ask you to visit a Swarovski Store, in order to proceed with the renewal. 

A list of authorized Swarovski retailers in your area can be found on our website under the following link:

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