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Visit Palazzo Citterio & Experience Our Exhibition

An immersive experience, a retrospective exhibition, a celebration of the future. Masters of Light - From Vienna to Milan is the first multi-faceted exploration of the rich story and innovative spirit of Swarovski, one of the world’s oldest heritage brands. Arriving in Milan, the heart of Italian fashion, the exhibition is presented across the internal salons of Palazzo Citterio, the magnificent extension of Pinacoteca di Brera - the perfect location to reveal the evolution of Swarovski’s artistry and savoir-faire.

Time Chamber

The Time Chamber reveals the metamorphosis of Swarovski’s story, the evolution of its savoir-faire, and its impact across fashion and culture, while highlighting the creative wonder and exceptional craftsmanship that defines the House.​ A journey across three centuries, key milestones are illuminated with outstanding examples of artistry drawn from the Swarovski Heritage Collection.

Future History Chamber

Swarovski is a key collaborator with fashion’s true greats who have changed the way the world looks, and who continue to transform and evolve our ideas of beauty, creating the history of our future. In these chambers, outstanding outfits from global talents spanning 129 years of magical creativity, are grouped into a series of 20 visual dialogues. Each is a vision of the future conversing with history united by Swarovski Crystal.

Masters of Light Chamber

Crystal both captures and transforms light, offering a scintillation and sparkle that allows each Swarovski piece to glow with its own inherent luminescence. The Masters of Light Chamber showcases exceptional examples of how this translates into fashion. A highlight is an Haute Couture gown by Gianni Versace from Fall/Winter 1995, which introduced the pure radiance of Swarovski Crystal Mesh to the universe of couture for the very first time.

Exclusive Una Angelic
Milan Collection

To celebrate Masters of Light - From Vienna to Milan, we have created an Una Angelic Milan capsule collection, named after the first European destination to host the exhibition.  The collection is available in the exhibition’s pop-up store, inside Palazzo Citterio, and other select boutiques.  

Mathemagical Chamber

The Mathemagical Chamber showcases jewelry featuring Swarovski Crystals in complex plays of shape and form, alongside exceptional home objects and components for fashion. Part atelier, part laboratory, this chamber fuses the logic of science with the magic of creation. Central to the space are jewelry-couture pieces by Swarovski Global Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert for the 2024 Met Gala, which highlight Swarovski’s superlative artisanship.

The Jewelry Box

‘I curated this chamber as an ode to Swarovski Crystal. It celebrates Swarovski’s history as creators of crystal - and our modern heritage as a jewelry brand since 1977. Inspiration comes from the savoir-faire of our artistry, the geometric form of each jewel, and the prism of color that crystal creates when charmed by light. These have each shaped my designs - crystal cuts inspire the forms of our modern icons: the Millenia, the Lucent, the Harmonia, the Mesmera. All crystallize our DNA.’ Global Creative Director, Giovanna Engelbert.

Pop Icons Chamber

The stage and cinema costumes, fashion items, and red-carpet ensembles exhibited in the Pop Icons Chamber illustrate how creatives have always turned to Swarovski to transport audiences and craft dreams. More than just famous, these individuals have reshaped contemporary culture across the globe, their wardrobes an expression of their freedom and personal values. Swarovski is an essential component to communicate their creative attitudes. 

Swarovski Café

Palazzo Citterio’s lush garden is an oasis in the heart of Milan. Nestled among the mature trees is the orangery -recast as the Swarovski Café - with a menu created by renowned Milanese chef Carlo Cracco.

Masters of Light Opening Party

Celebrity guests joined Swarovski CEO Alexis Nasard and Global Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert to celebrate the arrival of Masters of Light - From Vienna to Milan in Italy’s Fashion capital.

Above: Giovanna Engelbert

Left: Alexis Nasard

World of Swarovski


Illuminating the many facets of Swarovski from heritage to lifestyle and beyond.

Ocean-Inspired Jewelry


Our new jewelry families are beautiful works of artistry that feature Swarovski Crystal Pearls, and a palette of blue and green Swarovski Crystals. 

Wedding Jewelry & Accessories


Fall in love with beautiful designs infused with the brilliance of crystals. From subtle shimmer to all-out glamour, there’s a piece to complement any wedding style, each deserving of a place on your wedding accessories list.

Meet the Good Luck Trolls


The ultimate good luck charms, Good Luck Trolls are inspired by Nordic folklore and have brought joy to people around the 
world for decades. Now they are crafted with Swarovski Crystals for the very first time.