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Our mission – Water preservation

Water is fundamental to Swarovski’s story - and to life itself. To ensure this valuable resource is protected for current and future generations, Swarovski established the Swarovski Waterschool project in 2000. 

The Waterschool began as a local initiative in Swarovski’s home country Austria, and has since grown into a global endeavor with programs in eight countries, including Austria, Australia, Brazil, China, India, Thailand, Uganda, and the USA. Each program sets up local initiatives to provide access to safe water and sanitation facilities, and educates students and community members on proper hygiene, sanitation, and sustainable water use. Ultimately, Swarovski Waterschool seeks to empower communities and create water ambassadors who will help preserve this precious resource for the future.

Swarovski Charity Auction to support to save water


This year, Swarovski is holding charity auctions in five regions where the Waterschool operates to raise money for the program. SCS members and other Swarovski VIPs members can bid for a chance to win one of five extraordinary Elephant Hekima sculptures – only available via the auction. The proceeds raised at each auction will go towards supporting the Waterschool programs closest to the winning bidders, therefore directly contributing to the sustainable management of fresh water resources in their area.

Created by Swarovski artist Martin Zendron, the mesmerizing Elephant Hekima is the leader of her herd: the grandmother. Elephants are matriarchal by nature, placing the oldest and largest female in charge. This grandmother elephant is the bedrock of her community, responsible for defending and looking after each member. As the oldest member, she is also looked to as the group’s source of survival wisdom. The name Hekima was chosen as it means ‘wisdom’ in Swahili.

“The herd places a huge responsibility on this experienced matriarch,” Zendron says. “Consequently, my design decision was to create [her] in a walking pose, to represent the wandering with the herd and the constant need for guaranteed access to water.”

Created in stunning detail, Elephant Hekima shimmers with a total of 34,233 Swarovski Crystals in seven different colors: silver night, silver shade, light grey opal, light smoked topaz, greige, smoky quartz, and jet. Together, these colors create the authentic gray, beige, and ochre color palette of the impressive African elephant, while also giving Hekima the signature Swarovski sparkle. 

Elephant Hekima is created in patented Pointiage™ and has been designed solely for auction to benefit the Swarovski Waterschool. This breathtaking figurine will be on display to view at Swarovski store.

About your nearest Waterschool

The Swarovski Waterschool project in Australia is the newest program. Established in 2021, it is the first Waterschool to not only focus on freshwater, but also on the importance of the ocean and the challenges facing the coastal environment. The project is based in public and special needs schools in the Greater Sydney area. School children are taught about Australia’s local environmental issues and are encouraged to create peer-teaching workshops as well as environmental legacy projects. The students receive support from Citizen Science Experts as well as learn from the traditional custodians of the land, connecting the science with the cultural heritage and wisdom of the First Nation.