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Parenting in the Wild


Just as hard as it sounds


Every parent has their own unique parenting style. Some are a little more permissive, while some are more protective. The same differences can be observed in animal parents who care for their young in the wilderness. For example, cheetahs and ostriches take completely opposite approaches to bringing up their little ones. Pick the one that aligns with your values and give a nod to tender family scenes with the SCS Cheetah Mehira and her cub SCS Cheetah Baby Jabari, or the SCS Ostrich Makena paired with the SCS Ostrich Egg.

The Loving Loners
Cheetahs are known for being dedicated mothers. They raise their litters of three to four cubs on their own, without a male present. While this is not very surprising, since female cheetahs prefer to spend time away from others, that doesn’t detract from the difficulty of the task. 

From the moment they give birth, cheetah mothers completely change their introvert lifestyles to cater to their young. For eighteen months, they dedicate their lives to caring, feeding, and teaching their cubs the ways of the world. This can be tough as cheetahs are relatively small predators and catching prey that can satiate more than one stomach is quite an undertaking. Yet they persevere – love always does. 

Unsurprisingly, cheetah mothers have come to represent qualities like love, dedication, patience, commitment, and resilience. These are all characteristics that you can admire, along with the beautiful animal, in the SCS Elegance of Africa Annual Edition 2023 Cheetah Mehira. 

Portrayed in natural colours and with distinctive tear-shaped stripes along her muzzle, this naturalistic piece will breathe the wilderness and the love of the cheetah into your home. Pair her with SCS Cheetah Baby Jabari for an adorable, masterfully crafted, mum and cub duo.

Or, if you love nature but prefer to put an artful spin on it, the Elegance of Africa Cheetah Head might be the ideal choice for you. Martin Zendron’s artistic interpretation of a cheetah’s bust is sure to enhance your living space with its sophisticated combination of wood, metal, and crystals. 

Built for speed

Lightweight and rather small, cheetahs rely solely on their sprinting abilities to gain an advantage on the hunting grounds, and their anatomy is designed for speed. Their small head and long legs give them an aerodynamic edge while wide nostrils, a powerful heart, and large lungs facilitate high speeds by allowing more oxygen to the muscles. Then there’s also their very flexible spine, which allows them to make huge leaps, and semi-retractable claws that assure traction with the ground. Together, all these traits have earned the cheetah the title of the fastest land mammal on Earth.
Watching cheetahs run is astonishing, almost mesmerizing.

Reimagining their majestic leaps through crystals only adds elegance to their natural movement. Our interpretation of the cheetah’s sprint is bold and dazzling, inviting you not only to admire the wild cat’s grace, but also to see crystalline form in motion.

The Majestic Team Players


Ostriches take a completely different approach to raising their young. They live in herds and take care of their chicks as a team. The males (black plumage) are typically the ones to dig the nest, while the females (grey plumage) lay the eggs. Both male and female birds take turns sitting on the eggs, with the hens looking after them during the day and roosters warming them up at night. 

As soon as the little ones hatch, they start following the adults around, copying their behaviour, and learning to feed themselves.

Independence, trust, and teamwork – these are the traits that ostrich parents embody. If this is an approach you admire, then the SCS Ostrich Makena is for you. This brilliantly executed design captures the collaborative animal parent with a striking black and gold colour palette. Add a beautiful Ceylon Topaz-coloured SCS Ostrich Egg and you’ll have a dazzling savanna scene. 

Devoted and attentive or independent and trusting; no matter which combination you choose, you’ll be bringing love and a touch of the savanna into your home.

Wild at Heart

Wish you could carry a piece of the savanna with you at all times? With a floral pendant inspired by the beauty of the African wilderness you absolutely can. Tones of Light Colorado Topaz, reminiscent of the African sunset and its vast, sweeping landscapes, sit alongside Greige, which evokes the silvery tones of wild elephants, to form a flattering seven-petal flower. A bloom to awaken your inner wild child.

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