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September Birthstones

Delve into the azure depths of September’s birthstone with our mesmerising pendants and matching earrings. Hypnotic blue crystals symbolise serenity, wisdom and faith. Celebrate your individuality or surprise a loved one with a thoughtful gift.

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What is September’s birthstone?

September may be a time of transformation, but its birthstone is a serene constant, offering much-needed clarity in a season of change. Traditionally a sapphire, this month’s steadfast birthstone has a deep blue shade that evokes feelings of calm and resilience. At Swarovski, our reinterpretation of this popular stone showcases our signature savoir-faire in meticulously cut crystals with an oceanic hue.

Is Virgo’s birthstone the same colour as September’s?

The calendar aligns with the Zodiac when it comes to September, as the Virgo sign also has the enchanting sapphire as its birthstone. For Virgos who love an overt display of affection, birthstone jewellery crafted with Swarovski crystals is a show-stopping gift for men or women. The logical and loyal Virgo can also be born in August, so consider whether an August Birthstone may be a more appropriate gift for that someone special.

Discover our enchanting September birthstone jewellery

With its universally flattering deep blue tones, our September birthstone jewellery is an ideal birthday gift to celebrate your friends, family, or partner. Choose an elegant pendant or opt for a set of light-reflecting earrings. Combine matching pieces to make an extravagant show of affection, or mark a special occasion of your own with these spectacular blue crystals.