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Swarovski Iconic Swan

Whether in the form of swan earrings, swan bracelets, swan necklaces, or swan figurines, each Swarovski Swan piece symbolises self-love, beauty, and grace.

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A celebration of the Swarovski Swan

Ever since our founder, Daniel Swarovski, fulfilled his vision to create “a diamond for everyone”, we’ve been committed to innovation alongside our masterful craftsmanship. In this selection, the Swarovski Swan – which marks our beginnings – reigns supreme. Explore precious gifts for someone you cherish, or discover an alluring swan bangle or pendant necklace to elevate your ensembles. Whatever you’re seeking, you’ll find exquisite jewellery that has been meticulously designed to spotlight the graceful Swarovski Swan.

Swarovski Swan necklaces, bangles, and more

Our curated selection of Swarovski Swan jewellery blends meticulous craftsmanship and contemporary design. Discover swan necklaces and pendants, delicately hanging from rose gold-tone plated, rhodium plated, or gold-tone plated chains. Crystal pavé embellishes the iconic swan, which is brought to life in a rainbow of colours, allowing you to choose a hue that complements your individual style. For added impact, why not combine your swan necklace with a corresponding bracelet? Our elegant swan creates an eye-catching focal point on your wrist and will effortlessly elevate your evening looks. Look out for sliding closures that ensure the perfect fit.

Elegant gifts and additions for your jewellery repertoire

We’ve captured the Swarovski Swan’s grace across a variety of jewellery in this selection. When it comes to showing your appreciation or love for someone, consider gifting a modern swan bangle. Its timeless design features radiant Swarovski crystals that create a captivating effect, which is bound to spark conversation.