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Jewellery Essentials for Every Collection

Jewellery has the power to transform an outfit, ignite your imagination, and lift your mood. A capsule jewellery collection serves as a foundation for creativity, providing the pieces you need to build captivating ensembles. From deceptively simple stud earrings to multiple stacking rings, our jewellery essentials will enhance the everyday with the wonder of crystals.

Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are a jewellery staple that encourages experimentation. Far from basic, this timeless earwear option can be equally effective whether worn as part of a minimalist look or channelling all-out glamour.

Take cues from your everyday style to choose a pair of studs that suit. Showcase subtle shimmer with a single stone or build a show-stopping stack with multiple crystals in a range of colours, shapes, and sizes.

Stacking Rings

Hold the magic in your hands with a spellbinding collection of stacked rings. Mix and match different styles to create an eclectic look that’s all your own.

Radiate drama with multiple everyday rings on one finger, pair a scene-stealing cocktail ring with an eternity band, or explore maximalism by wearing several oversized stones on one hand.

Care & Maintenance

Swarovski Crystals are delicate and must be handled with special care.

World of Swarovski


Illuminating the many facets of Swarovski from heritage to lifestyle and beyond.

The Swarovski x Marvel Collection



Unleash your style alter-ego with our compelling range of Marvel jewellery and home figurines.




An expression of expertly executed savoir-faire, our mesmerising Matrix family combines classic cuts with vibrant colours to create essential pieces that inspire and impress. 

On the Red Carpet



With our exquisite savoir-faire, unrivalled creativity, and spirit of joyful extravagance, Swarovski has become synonymous with red carpet style.